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南粤36选7中五个号码 Electrothermal board series

This instrument is a laboratory heating equipment, suitable for all kinds of coal, including liquid and solid material heating and baking.

SB - 1.8, SB - 3.6 electrothermal board type is BeiGan baking and the heating equipment, suitable for coking coal, metallurgy, etc, and scientific research institutions in the lab samples heating and drying. The granular solid and powder of organic matter BeiGan were particularly appropriate treatment.

Product features:

Electrothermal board control circuit adopts a two-way thyristor controlled temperature elements of phase capacitor, triggering bidirectional thyristor trigger circuit, to change the conduction angles, thus changing its output voltage, heating power, size adjustable steplessly.

Controller is designed, with independent heat isolation, high impact. Therefore, the heating equipment has simple structure, low temperature controlled, chapter, safe and reliable, simple operation, etc.

Project SB-1.8-4 SB-3.6-4 SB-1-4 SB-1-4 SB-2.5-4
Work power
AC220V 10% 50Hz
Motor power 1.8kw 3.6kw 1.0kw 1.5kw 2.5kw
Maximum temperature
400 ℃
Heating plate size (mm) 450×350 600×400 280×180 400×280 500×400
Weight 21kg 35kg 15kg 15kg 30kg

Electrothermal board link:

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