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南粤36选7开奖中奖对照:HDL - 9 HanXian integrated set of sulfur

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HDL - 9 HanXian integrated set of sulfur

HDL - 9 characters intelligence is set according to GB/sulfur instrument T214-1996 of <sulfur in coal determination method>, Combined with the characteristics of similar products market, optimized combination, a new integrated intelligence analysis instruments, This instrument performance is good, is one kind of universal popularity material laboratory test instruments, sweet, Mainly used for determination of coal, iron and steel, and all kinds of minerals of sulfur, Are coal, power, chemical, metallurgical, geological prospecting, commodity inspection, the environmental protection departments of the laboratory testing instrument selection necessary.

This instrument measurement process using all microprocessor intelligent control, new added: double automatic control electrolytic switch, Namely after switch, manual electrolysis microcomputer automatic intelligent judgment, completely eliminate second by electrolysis phenomenon, And the data processing of correction and determination, good stability, parallel data sample, The results of accuracy and precision to the national standards. And increased screen characters display, instrument operation more hasten is humanization,The keyboard with easy operation, small volume. Light weight.


This instrument is compared with similar products, outstanding characteristics as follows:

[1] friendly interface, operation methods of Chinese characters, the keyboard with easy operation.

[2] furnace heating mode adopted PID control, electric heat without manual adjustment, can prolong the current silicon carbon life-span.

[3] set temperature correction etc, can be directly through the keyboard input.

[4] intelligent control, the output current electrolysis by second switch control, to eliminate the error electrolysis.

[5] in the test process, may at any time, temperature, furnace to instructions and sweet voltage, process, test process.

[6] automatic judgment, shorten the time titrate, improve work efficiency.

[7] if you enter the water, the ultimate value printed output value of sulfur and moisture dry agent.

[8] electrolysis pool system won't appear stall phenomenon, and stirring speed automatic climb, ensure the long-term and stable and reliable stirring speed, not hand stir speed adjustment.

[9] electrolysis pool by rotating tighten cap structure, won't produce leakage, open easily.

[10] GaoWenLu, small size, high thermal efficiency.

[11] the integration, small volume, light weight, reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, porcelain boat will automatically open doors.

[12] instrument installation not complicated process, can be used in power.

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