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广东南粤36选7开奖结果查询结果:HDL 9W -- Microcomputer Sulfur Tester

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HDL 9W -- HanXian microcomputer type for sulfur

HDL - 9W (WDL - 3000) microcomputer integrated set of sulfur, besides HDL - 9 HanXian one set of sulfur, another computer interface configuration, But weaning work, run separately and don't start machine, computer automatic identification function, microcomputer is preferred, all operation is controlled by computer operation.
The system is used for testing sulfur content of combustible materials, such as coal, coke and petroleum, etc.

Functional Characteristics:

1.The whole test process is controlled by a microcomputer and completed automatically, or separated from the microcomputer to work.
2.The test process can be calibrated conveniently and intuitionally.
3.Test results can be inquired, printed and stored for a long time.
4.Working temperature of the system can be set by the user and selected via a software at 600-1150℃ (1050℃ for the coal and 800℃ for the petroleum).
5.A standard RS232 serial interface is adopted between the microcomputer and singlechip, realizing simple connection, reliable transmission, far transmission distance and low failure rate, etc.


1.Test range of sulfur: 0-30%;
2.Carrier gas flow: 1000ml/min;
3.Test time: 3-9 min with automatic decision and control of microcomputer;
4.Heating rate: 20-45 min;
5.Power supply: Single-phase three-phase AC voltage 220V 50Hz, power 2KW;
6.Accuracy: Conforming to international GB/T214-2007

Microcomputer Sulfur Tester link:

KZDL - 4 quick intelligent instrument for sulfur


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