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南粤36选7开奖时间36:WSWK-5 microcomputer temperature control instrument

WSWK-5microcomputer temperature control instrument

南粤36选7中五个号码 WSWK - 5 -- when WDM microcomputer temperature control instrument is to GaoWenLu heating time and temperature control program of intelligent instruments, tons.all products can be done automatically, coal ash and fast, slow ash, et bonding with such party program control heating process, also has free to the user's function, and other requirements.

The apparatus adopts touch keyboard input, simple operation and high degree of automation, PID control temperature adjustment, high precision measurement.

Its main technical indices:

1.Control mode:using single chip as the core, automatic correction of temperature measurement, automatic phase-shift trigger thyristor control
2.measuring range: 0-1200 degrees C, resolution 1 degree C, with K value of ?thermocouple ? ranges: 0-999min automatic grading.
4.The measurement error is less than 3 degrees: C
5.Timing error: less than 6s/24h
6. Power supply voltage: 220V + 10%, 50Hz
7.The maximum load power: 5KW
8.Instrument power: 10W
9.Instrument size: 305 x 120 x 390mm
10.The use of the environment: 0-40 degrees, relative humidity is less than or equal to 80%
11.Continuous working time: 24h

he rear panel and installation instructions
1.The power supply should have enough wire diameter, external 20insurance.?

2.Instrument installation should be conducive to heat.

3.Should be far away from the strong electromagneticinter ference device.

4.According to the rear panel (Figure 1) indicating connect the power line, line of the furnace body, thermocouple.

schematic diagram of rear panel
schematic diagram of rear panel

The front panel description:
Eight digital tube display windows three. The first window display program,a digital tube. Second display window shows the time resolution of automatic sorting, before the decimal point to points, the decimal numberis 10s, three digital tube. Third display window shows the temperature, the resolution is 1C, four digital tube. A light emitting display working state,light shows the selected program has begun to work into the experimental condition. (see Figure two).

?(2)the keyboard
There are 16 key. Are 10 digital / function keys. 5 a function key and areset key. The number of
Word / function keys, number keys in the set condition is, in other states for the function keys。
microcomputer temperature
Schematic diagram of the front panel

[0/ SLOW ASH] key: select the process selection of slow ashing method test.
[1/ FAST ASH] key: select the process selection for rapid ashing method test.
[2/ R.I.] process selection of Roga index test.
[3/ VOLATILIZE] key: selected process choose 900 degrees volatile test
[4 VOLATILIZE] key: selected process choose 850 degrees volatile test.
[5 OPTIONAL ] button: constant temperature test set.
[6/ OPTIONAL ]button: constant temperature test set.
[7/MEASURE ]measurement of key: test only measurement of temperature.
[8/CANCEL] button: can celled by [9/STARTUP ] start test button to start.
[9/STARTUP ]start button: used for fast ash, Roca, volatile until the timing start test after preheating lofting.
[START] key: by remote state into the experimental condition, began to run the selected program.
[END] button and start button: corresponding, from test status back to there mote state.
[SWITCH] key: in the setting state switching window. In the setting of stateon a program process and heating electric
Flow to view a few seconds. In the time window displays the program process, in the temperature window shows the current heating
[MODIFY] key: enter the set state from the election process, you can modify the parameters.
[OK/ERASURE] button to determine the silencing the keyboard in the state of new input parameters can be set, the determined parameters power still have the memory of. For silencing of prompt sound in the test state.
[RESET] key: generally this key is not used, press this button on the controller is not working properly.

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