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2019南粤36选7开奖结果:JC - 2 glial layer tester

南粤36选7中五个号码 JC - 2 glial layer tester

Applicable scope:

Suitable for: determination of bituminous coal, metallurgy industry, and the index of tissue layers to describe the characteristics of coke and coal coking identified by using coal production and quality of the commodity coal and coal, which determine the number.


1 the real-time control microcontroller, according to gb automatic control temperature, high degree of automation.

2 have automatic and manual control switch and achieve without interference, control parameters adjustment, stable performance.

3 adopts high brightness digital display, can display test time, owing to temperature, after the actual furnace and furnace temperature and the current open degree, show clear.

4 with one double control function, can be determined, two specimens, convenient, simple operation.

5 a thermocouple temperature automatic compensation, cold end reduce error, high precision measurement.

6 a fault diagnosis, and by alarm functions, can be found fault, convenient maintenance.

7 a moment, save electricity automatically restore function of time, avoid sample scrap.

Technical parameters:

Measurement accuracy of GB/T479-1999

Control temperature range: (0-1100) ℃ control accuracy : ± 10 ℃ Temperature measurement error: ± 3 ℃ Temperature display resolution: 1 ℃

Time precision: < 1.25 s/h time display resolution: lmin

Control power: 4kW × 2 Consecutive: 24h

Record drum speed: 1mm /rain, Linear precision (160 ± 2) mm / 160min

The work power supply: 220V ± 22V , 50Hz ± 1Hz

Shape dimension (mm) : host :800 × 400 × 580

Controller: 320 × 320 × 140

Weight: host 96kg , controller 7kg .

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