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今天南粤36选7开奖结果查询结果:Add 2 - floatation type binding to robben tester

Add 2 - floatation type binding to robben tester

南粤36选7中五个号码 This instrument is determined by the coal coking binding ability - ROM and index and bond index special apparatus. It consists of a motor driven by worm gear and worm reducer two drum with 50 ± 2r/min rotation speed, coal sample to focus block in the drum within the strength test. Thus in coal to destroy wear-resisting degree, the size of the resistance of the sample. That binder

The tester has five parts, namely, motor, gear, drum, counter, shell, etc. Instruments are equipped with electronic counters and control device for 250 RPM, setting, the realization of automatic stalled. Counting detection using photoelectric switches, with non-contact, long service life.


That way, LED digital display, automatic reset manually reset or boot

Drum speed: 50 ± 2r/min

Drum RPM: 1-999 turn any preset

Electric power: 120W

Weight: 45kg

Power supply: AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz

Add 2 - floatation type binding to robben tester

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