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ZNLRY - 2000 intelligent calorimeter

ZNLRY - 2000 intelligent calorimeter is calorific value of measurement instruments,combustible mainly used for solid and liquid fuel,such as coal,oil,food,lumber,explosive substances such as heat. The instrument has high accuracy,easy to operate,reliable operation of the new energy analysis instrument. To achieve automatic control,automatic measurement circuit are connected to judge the ignition,automatic ignition,mixing,calculation,printed matter by measuring the calorific value,Also can undertake low calorific value coal,high conversion,is used for research and production quality and combustible universities and colleges,scientific research departments of an ideal equipment.

Main technology parameters:

1.Heat:about 10100J/K

2 oxygen bomb:

Working pressure (the oxygen):28-3.0 Mpa,maximum 320 Mpa

Pressure test (pressure):20 Mpa



Appearance: ф 86mm x 181mm

3.Coat ShuiTong capacity: 17L

4 .tube water capacity: about 2.1 L

5.range: 10.000 ~ 40.000 ℃ ,the corresponding time: < 0.001 ℃ resolution: 4S,linearity: < 0.08% every 5 ℃ temperature range,temperature measurement error: every 5 ℃ within ± 0.003 precision temperature degrees

6. Use voltage: AC: 220V ± 10% V

7. Humidity: no more than 80%

8. Power: 30W

9.voltage ignition :AC: 30V

10 : The ignition timing: 4S

11.The total weight: about 21.5 Kg

calorimeter Relevant link:

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