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南粤36选7坐标连线走势:The SMP - 400 wet coal crushers

南粤36选7中五个号码 The SMP - 400 wet coal crushers

Applicable scope

•  applicable to coal, electricity, scientific research, etc and department contains more than 15% crushing dry or water coal, ore and rock or other medium hardness materials.


•  Adopts the tangent, milling fragmentized, discharging smoothly. The seal design, no dust pollution, accord with environmental protection requirement.

•  Responding to the moisture content of the grain, no loss of water when, stable performance.

•  Adopts a system of granularity, fast speed and high production efficiency. Simple operation, convenient maintenance and cleaning.

•  Responding to driving parts have protection facilities, smooth operation, low noise, comply with the safety requirements.

Technical parameters

•  With ISO1988 system adopts precision in 1975: (E), the hard coal - sampling GB474-1996 coal sample preparation methods and GB/T18666-2002 "commodity coal quality examination and acceptance of method.

•  Responding to partical: acuities 60mm

•  Adopts the grain-size: < 12mm

•  Responding to production efficiency: 2000kg /h

•  Motor power: 3kw

•  Work power :three-phase 380V ,50Hz ± 1Hz

•  shape dimension (mm) : 1100 × 620 × 1100

•  Weight: 240kg

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