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采乐乐南粤36选7好彩1:SZH - 4 automatic standard vibration sieve machine

南粤36选7中五个号码 SZH - 4 automatic standard vibration sieve machine

The machine is used to test the equipment sieve, it through to the vibration and swing week struck screening. Screening needs time to set, use convenient, easy maintenance.

•  With a sieve, 200, with high 380mm than with fold

•  Rotary speed: 221r/min

•  Eccentricity, 6mm

•  Speed vibration hit times/min

•  Amplitude, 6mm

•  Power: three-phase AC 380V ,50HZ

•  Motor power: 370W

•  The weight: 100kg

• Shape dimension (long x width (high) mm: 520 × 376 × 870

Vibration link:

M KuM drum machine


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