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南粤36选7最近5o期走势图:TQ - 3A type hydrocarbon element analyzer

南粤36选7中五个号码 TQ - 3A type hydrocarbon element analyzer

Applicable scope

Applicable to coal,electricity and teaching,scientific research,etc and the department of coal or other organisms were the content of hydrogen and carbon.


Determination of coal quality of absorption in other organisms,or the content of hydrogen and carbon.

Three independent automatic constant temperature control system,which can set arbitrary,different control temperature.

Digital temperature display,direct,precise and stable and reliable. And two samples.

The structural design is reasonable,good appearance,easy operation,and maintainability.

Technical parameters

Range: carbon (1-100) %,hydrogen (0 ~ 20 )%.

Measuring precision GB/T476-2001

Temperature measurement precision: 0.2

Control temperature range (100~1100)℃

Temperature-control accuracy ± 10℃ .

The first quarter furnace chamber temperature: 850℃ ,rated power: 1200W,thermostatic warden: 60mm

The second section furnace chamber temperature: 800℃ ,rated power 1500W,thermostatic warden: 80mm :

The third quarter furnace chamber temperature: 600℃ ,rated power: 800W.

Work power: AC 220V ± 22V ,50Hz ± 1Hz

Shape dimension (mm) : 1200 × 350 × 450

Weight: 53 ㎏

element analyzer link:

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