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昨晚南粤36选7开什么:MSSC type microcomputer automatic moisture tester

南粤36选7中五个号码  MSSC type microcomputer automatic moisture tester

Fully supports Windows desktop software system, adopt RS232 serial interface and dynamic measurement and control software, with the PC online, by computer and data processing. The instrument judgement or samples. Setting quickly, the heng zhong two kinds, microwave, and infrared measurement procedures, the combination of three kinds of drying method.

•  Work power: AC220V ± 20V 50Hz

•  Microwave power input: acuities 1400W

•  Microwave power output: acuities 900W

•  Microwave frequency: 2450MHz

•  Infrared power: acuities 1200W

•  Weighing scales: acuities 310g

•  Balance resolution: 0.001 g ( 2000F type for 0.0001 g )

•  Moisture determination accuracy: better than 0.4%

•  The first analysis of samples :eight

•  Instrument appearance: 510mm × 380mm ×540mm

•  Working temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃

•  Relative humidity:more than 85 percent

•  Sample quality: 10 -12g (water),

0.9 -110 g (analysis of water),

•  Sample size: acuities 6mm (water)

acuities 80 mesh (analysis water)

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