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浙江风采网南粤36选7走势图:XKZ-5G2 XKZ-20G2 type electronic device

 XKZ - 5G2 type electronic device XKZ -20G2 type electronic device

南粤36选7中五个号码 XKZ - 5G 2 and XKZ - 20G 2 type electronic device, G2 series electromagnetic vibration feeder control instrument, is the power XKZ - 5G and XKZ - 20G type electronic device, the updated products of the original model for insufficient, highlighted the type of characteristics, G2 series electromagnetic vibration feeder stable normal role plays a key role.

Shape dimension: the 180mm (long) × 162mm (wide) × 254 (high) mm

First, this machine features:

1, electronic device for main circuit controlled by variable flow adjustment.

2, thyristor trigger the pulse in, can effective control of electric current and voltage, can make the load to ensure smooth start-up of silicon, safe use.

3, this machine is convenient to use and new style, pan with metal under brace and installing hole, can hang on, and for the installation and operation convenience.

Second, the method of use:

1, according to the electronic device on the standard input (220V), output (electric vibration machine), will power and load.

2 and open power on key indicator, say, work already connected. Power

3, clockwise loops adjust current output amounted to choose appropriate intensity.

Third, note:

1, modal surge current Itsm lifespan, surge in frequency, therefore, there must be limited to load the people generally do not short circuit.

2 and electric device medium temperature around - no more than -20 ℃-± 40 ℃ .

3 and surrounding medium temperature for 25 ℃ relative humidity is not more than 85 percent.

4 and electric device should be placed in the vibration amplitude of small, no serious corrosive gas and electric insulation performance of the environment.

Four, the main performance indexes

1, input and output voltage < 10V is equal to or greater than the input voltage (measured) 5V > .

2, applicable to ± 15% of positive 220V changes.

3, the conduction angles are not less than 175 degrees.

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